Thursday, January 17, 2013

What could have been...

I couldn't wait to finally start adding new posts after such a long hiatus. I started several new posts and in my undying devotion to google figured saving them as a draft email would be the best way to keep them safe and at the ready when I wanted to do a new post. Simply copy, paste, edit and BAM amazing post. Unfortunately...just before I decided to do that I thought I should delete another email draft that was no longer necessary. In my lack of focus I deleted the draft that contained everything I had written...If you want I could just post the now unnecessary carpooling email I drafted and no longer need to send, it mentions Thules and leaving work at 5.

Searching google (on how to fix something I messed up in google) only turned up that once you delete a draft it is gone forever. PEOPLE, THIS IS THE ONLY TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD THAT IF YOU DELETE SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET IT IS ACTUALLY GONE FOREVER. Not like gone from this thing, but saved somewhere else. Not like "I made this picture on facebook private" but it still makes it way into every nook and cranny of the internet. Not I put my number on the do not call list and still get solicitations via phone. GONE FOREVER. I had some great stuff missed titles like: "Dressed for Success", "Disappointments", "Running on Vacation", and "Hill Repeats".

Here's the thing, stuff in my head is rarely GONE FOREVER so it will all come back. Probably in more coherent, grammatically correct sentences, but losing all that native, unhinged creative juice is a little heart breaking so I need a second to recover.

I've got my work cut out for me. I still need to add all my mileage in from 2012 and what's happened so far in 2013. The Colorado General Assembly started their new session and I have lots of opinions on what's happening with that. There's also skiing and some races I've signed up for and am thinking of signing up for. So I promise you I will get back in the saddle and rewrite my pure genius that Google lost (GONE FOREVER!?). So for the rest of you, keep this in mind next time you "save" something in gmail drafts...when it's gone it is GONE FOREVER!