Monday, December 22, 2014

2015 Race Calendar

As I worked on my potential Leadville 100 training calendar it helped me look at and lay out the races I'm going this season. I'm excited for some of my favorites and some new ones in the mix. Luckily a lot of the races correspond really well with training, allowing me to do some long runs as races which means aid station support. Here's what 2015 is looking like:

Winter Race Series
Littleton, CO along the Platte River trail
December 20, January 17, February 21

I'm excited to do these races with my friend Jill. The first one was this weekend and it's a 10k. I'm pretty pleased with my time. I did a fast 5 mile run the night before so I was a little tight going into this race but I felt pretty good throughout the entire course. I finished in 53:21. The January and February races are 10 miles which will be good fun fast road runs.

Salida Run Through Time
Salida, CO
March 14

This is one of my favorite marathons in one of my favorites places in Colorado. I've already signed up and I'm pumped to try and beat my time from last year. My tentative Leadville training is a good motivator to get me out on trail training runs more which I feel was what my running last year was lacking (among other life events).

Platte River Buckhorn Exchange Half
Littleton, CO
April 12

I did this race 4ish years ago. It's a pretty fast half along the Platte River Trail. I'm excited to run it well since I doubt I'll be out until 1am drinking the night before. Sorry Shelly, this time you won't be able to tell me I smell like a bar when I run by.

Quad Rock 25
Fort Collins CO

I just signed up for this race. I learned so much on the course last year and this will be a great race to work on my uphill speed walking. I also hope to not add a matching scar. Hoping Kate will be around for this one cause no one touches the King's Eggs*

Grandma's Marathon
Duluth, MN

This one is a maybe and it's only if my sister decides to run it. I told her if she signed up for it I would run it with her. I'm a little apprehensive about this since it is so close to some other runs. I want to heed the advice from Ryan about not doing anything stupid to compromise my training so I will have to play it by ear. The race never fills up so I can make it a game time decision, but I'm keeping it on my radar for now.

Northfork 50k/50mi
Pine, CO

So much depends on if I get into Leadville or not. If I don't then I want another go at the 50 miler. If that's the case then I'll have to disappoint my sister and bow out of Grandma's. If I do get into Leadville, I'd like to do the 50k as a training run. It falls right in the middle of a 30mi/10mi weekend set so I think it would be good to get an aided trail run in for that.

Leadville 100
Leadville, CO
August 22

So that's the tentative calendar. Really the results of the Leadville lottery will determine a lot of what my summer race calendar looks like as well as my ultimate calendar. I'm playing a few fun tournaments (New Year's Fest in Tempe over Super Bowl weekend, Poultry Days, and Master's Nationals which are in Colorado this year!!!)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Idiots out wandering around

Training summary for December 14 - December 20

Recap of last week:

Well I didn't succeed in all of what I wanted to do last week. I got up a bit late on Saturday so didn't get a run in before the first official meeting of the Bagel Trust. It was ok though, I got some killer bagels and rugelach. I did get out on a run later that afternoon, 6 miles on the road so not the trail run I had hoped for.  So I could be mad, or I could just be happy that I got a good night sleep, good bagels with good friends, and a run in. Not too shabby.

Total Miles: 24

Week 2:

Sunday - eek, didn't get a run in. I have no excuse except for being out late on Saturday night, drinking a bit too much, and then going to a boozy brunch Sunday. I did get a heck of a lot done on Sunday, but none of it involved running shoes.

Monday - Mondays and Fridays are technically my "rest" days. But, understanding that life happens I know that sometimes I need to do runs on those days. So I pumped myself up as I left work on Monday and geared up for a longer run. I had a new podcast to tryout, Risk! and it was a great fit and something I'll add into my road run motivation set. I did a little over 8 miles and felt pretty good about myself after my lack luster weekend performance.

Tuesday - Hill Repeats. We did a little under 8 miles. I am still a lot slower than everyone else running, but I feel like I've got so much faster compared to last year. I ended up finishing the workout by myself which was ok. I forget how beautiful it is to be on top of the mountain and over look Denver and it was a nice sight to take in by myself after a hard workout. When I got back to the parking lot I was pretty happy to see that Ryan left me a Ninjabread in my car door.

Wednesday - Trivia! I didn't run I went to trivia and the Japanese Honey Bees pulled out a last minute win by rocking the Christmas Carol final category.

Thursday - eek, another missed day. I was going to run at lunch, but I've been on the struggle bus every morning and ended up rushing to get myself to work on time. Therefore I did not pack stuff to run at lunch. After work we had a stitch and bitch so I was busy cooking and hanging. No run, but it was a fun night.

Friday - I knew I had to run today. 3 days off is no good for consistency. I did a short 5 mile run in the neighborhood. Not a lot of miles, but I'm super excited by my pace. When I do my afterwork runs I just try to get the miles in and not worry too much about my pace. I went into this run wanting to take it pretty fast and I did it.

Saturday - Santa Stampede!  Jill and I are running the first race in the winter distance series!!! I'm super pumped for it, we get a  Santa hat you guys! It's a 10k so I'm excited to run it as fast as I can.

I'm planning on a longer run Sunday, I don't know if the weather will be cooperative to get in a trail run but that'd be my preference. I think it will be a great challenge to run the 10k hard and be tired for my Sunday long run.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Idiots out wandering around

Now that I officially put my name into the Leadville 100 Lottery I need to get some serious training in. To help keep myself more accountable than my kitchen calendar, I'm going to update the weeks training hopefully each Friday. I won't be linking these posts to social media (other than this first one) so if you're super curious about my training you'll have to come here by your self.

I have some newer posts in the queue that I'm working on, so have no fear my philosophical musing on running will reappear once I get my writing and editing on.

Leadville 100 / 2015 Running Season Training

December 7 - 13

Sunday: I was in Minnesota for my cousins wedding. Sunday's training consisted of eating brunch, taking a nap on my sisters love seat, going out to a fat italian dinner at a place my mom called "pantaloonees", and watching A Christmas Story the Musical. Yep...successfully training for the day after Leadville. (Author's note I did run 4ish miles on Saturday so that's not too bad for vacation)

Monday: I flew into Denver at 6:50am and went straight to work. I took a nap in my car. Came home and helped my mom set up her new iphone. Fell asleep before 9pm. Hey rest is important for good racing!

Tuesday: HILL REPEATS! 8ish miles up Rooney Valley trail followed by 10 shorts (5 running hard downhill 5 running hard uphill). The weather was amazing. I felt good overall, not much knee pain on the downhill which is a bonus. I'm still way slower than everyone else, but it was nice to have people at the top to run with.

Wednesday: 4ish miles during lunch. It was a struggle, the day after hills always seems harder and lunch runs are tough for me. I had some commitments after work so I wanted to make sure I got a run in even if it was a bit shorter.

Thursday: 6miles, normal loop in the hood. Felt a lot better than Wednesday.

Friday: Today is a rest day, I've had two cups of Denver Bike Cafe coffee so I'm pretty jittery.

Saturday: My training sheet says 18miles, but I haven't built up my mileage enough for that. To avoid injury the current plan is to try and do 10-13 miles on trail and then eat a lot of cookies and drink delicious beer at the ugly sweater cookie exchange party.